About bus-photo.net

What is bus-photo.net?

Bus-photo.net is a privately owned gallery of bus pictures from around the world. Our aim is to display bus photographs of excellent quality as well as provide a quick and easy search option.

Who can upload photographs to bus-photo.net?

Anyone! It is free of charge and easy to use, however, there are certain requirements that need to be met to add the photographs in our gallery. You will need to register with bus-photo.net in order to upload your photographs.

Why do I need to register?

Registration is required for anyone who would like to have their photographs published on bus-photo.net. Additionally, a registered user will be able to view photographs' statistics, make corrections to photographs' description and create personalised galleries.
Upon registration we require you to provide a name, an email and set up a password. This information is stored for authentication purposes and is not shared with any third parties. Your email may be used for contacting you with information about your account or regarding fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful activity.

Does the website set cookies?

Every time you visit the website, we use cookies to remember photographs or galleries you have accessed, it is considered necessary to the working of the site.

For full details about our cookie policy, please see our Cookie policy page.

I have some photographs of buses. What should I do to add them to bus-photo.net?

First, you need to be registered as a user and match your photographs with our rules and requirements. If you believe that these are met, upload your photographs to bus-photo.net. We shall do the rest!

What kind of photographs may I upload to bus-photo.net?

  • You must own the copyright of the photographs submitted. Possessing the copyright means that you have taken the picture yourself. By uploading your photographs to bus-photo.net you remain in the possession of all copyrights and we respect your rights! Should we discover that one or more of your photographs belong to someone else, we shall delete all your uploaded photographs from our database and ban all your future uploads.
  • Photographs taken need to feature the entire bus. It means that a bus should not be concealed by anything (e.g. tree, traffic lights, people, etc.). Any photographs featuring only vehicle parts are not allowed, unless reasons to show these particular parts are justified.
  • We also reject photographs of low aesthetic quality or featuring a bus far in the distance.
  • Photographs featuring window reflections, blurred, badly focused and poorly designed are not accepted.
  • Please note that shadows often spoil photographs and may be a cause for rejection.
  • Be careful when using camera flash. Photographs, where flash is reflected on vehicle licence plate, will be rejected.
  • We are not able to accept photographs showing people that could be easily recognised, e.g. bus driver, passengers or pedestrians.
  • No added symbols (e.g. date or signature) must be present on the photographs.

You are free to use photograph editing software to improve the quality of your picture, if necessary.

By uploading your photographs you agree to bus-photo.net terms and conditions as stated in the FAQ.

Photographs must be made in natural colours, need to be at least 1000 pixels in width and to comply with a 4:3 format. The photographs must be in .jpg format, and the file must be named using "A-Z", "a-z" and "0-9" symbols only. No spaces are allowed in photographs' names.

Why there are photographs in the database that do not match your own rules?

Yes, there is a number of photographs that do not match current rules, however they matched the rules in place at the time of upload. We intend to keep those photographs, however they may be replaced by better quality pictures of the same vehicle, if they are supplied.

What information should I provide with my photographs?

Please present us with a full description of the photograph taken and the vehicle featured. The description must be made in English and include the following points:
  • Bus body;
  • Bus operator / company / owner;
  • Registration number;
  • Fleet number;
  • Route number;
  • Location where the photograph was taken (country / city / area);
  • Date when the photograph was taken;
  • An optional comment to the picture.

What would happen next after I have uploaded my photographs?

Any photographs uploaded will appear in your User Area, and before they are approved you can correct the description or even delete the photographs.
Your photographs will be reviewed by our editors in line with our published rules within a fortnight. If decision is made to add your photograph/s to bus-photo.net, it/they will appear in our database and you will be able to see it/them in the galleries.
We do not notify photographers if their photographs are rejected. If a photograph is not added to the database, it will be simply deleted from your User Area.

The editors' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Is my photograph description going to be changed after uploading?

Every photograph's legend is checked before submission to bus-photo.net database. We leave the right to make corrections to any photograph descriptions, if we find it incomplete or inaccurate.

How many photographs may I upload to bus-photo.net?

You can have as many photographs in our database as you wish. However, we recommend submitting only few photographs, if this is your first upload.

May I upload photographs that I possess the copyright of and which are already displayed on another site?

We aim to be new and fresh, hence, only unpublished pictures would appear in our database. Any photographs found elsewhere at any time, will be deleted without notice and future uploads will be banned.

May I withdraw my photograph from bus-photo.net database?

You have the right to withdraw any photograph you uploaded to bus-photo.net at any time. Please inform us of your decision and it will be acted upon within a fortnight.

Can my photographs be deleted from bus-photo.net?

Yes, you may request to withdraw your photographs (see above) or they could be deleted by us. We will delete all photographs, if we find out that they do not belong to the person who submitted them. Otherwise, we reserve a right to delete a photograph, if another photograph of the same vehicle and similar composition but of better quality is submitted.

Can I get my original photographs back?

Please ensure you keep the original photographs as we are unable to return submitted photographs back to you.

I would like to buy one of the bus-photo.net photographs.

Please respect photographers' rights! If you would like to use one or more photographs commercially, you need to send your request to us and we will forward it to the owner as we do not give out our authors' personal information.

I discovered an incomplete or incorrect description. How can I help?

You will need to register before making any corrections. To correct or complete any photograph description you should follow the "CORRECT IT!" link on "view photo" page. Your corrections will be sent to us immediately and any inaccuracies will be checked and corrected within the next few days. If you discover any errors on the site, please let us know.

How can I leave a comment or give my opinion about a photograph on bus-photo.net?

You will need to register before providing a comment. Fill in the comments form on "view photo" page in English using upper or lower case letters and "0-9" symbols only. Respect other people's work and opinions - do not leave offensive comments. All comments are censored and may be deleted if considered insulting.

How can I locate a photograph on bus-photo.net?

Bus-photo.net provides a quick search option on the main page and an extended search form on a specially designed Search page. Start your search with a drop-down menu. You will easily find most of photographs in our database.

Please note:
Be specific in your search query and try to avoid long phrases. We recommend 2-words phrases.
For registration or fleet number searches do NOT use space key. If you are looking for "VLT 9" just type VLT9.
We also present the fleet information of bus operators and bus manufacturers. To see this information make sure you choose one of bus operators' names or bus bodies and Fleet option from drop-down menu on the Search page. Please note that our fleet information reflects only buses, photographs of which we keep in our database.

How can I contact you?

Write to us on:

24 May 2018

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